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Hamilton Island Eco Green

Hamilton Island, located in Queensland, Australia, is one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly places in the world. The island is home to several businesses that promote eco-friendly practices and contribute to creating a more sustainable future. Let's take a look at some of these businesses and the benefits they offer.

Accommodation Providers:

1. Qualia Resort - Qualia Resort is a five-star luxury resort located on Hamilton Island. The resort follows several eco-friendly practices, such as using energy-efficient lighting, reducing water usage, and recycling waste. It also encourages its guests to take part in these sustainable practices. The resort's luxurious facilities are complemented by a well-established plan for sustainable maintenance and energy waste reduction, and their staff is informed to be environmentally friendly.

2. Reef View Hotel - The hotel has an environmentally focused program called Reef Keepers which involves growing their vegetables and herbs on-site, which minimises water waste and reduces plastic packaging. The hotel also uses compostable materials to reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal.


1. Beach Club Restaurant - Beach Club Restaurant is located on Hamilton Island and offers sweeping views of the ocean. The restaurant is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by sourcing local produce and using sustainable seafood practices. This means that they do not use fish that are overfished in the area and aim to reduce their impact on the environment.

2. Coca Chu Restaurant - Coca Chu Restaurant promotes locally sourced produce and uses island-grown produce in every meal. They also have put into effect a no-straw policy which replaces disposable straws for biodegradable paper substitutes. The restaurant is extremely environmentally conscious in its design and facilities, such as a carpool program to reduce their carbon footprint.


1. Cruise Whitsundays - Cruise Whitsundays operates the ferries from the mainland to Hamilton Island. They have several eco-friendly policies like using biofuels to reduce carbon emissions, reducing plastic waste, and focusing on reducing fuel consumption. They also work to preserve the Great Barrier Reef in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

2. Electric Vehicles - To minimise the environmental impact of transportation on the island, the use of electric vehicles has been implemented to reduce the number of cars using fossil fuels. Electric carts reduce noise pollution while travelling through the resorts, and result in zero emissions.

Other services:

1. Wild Life Hamilton Island - Wild Life is an animal conservation and rehabilitation center that focuses on the welfare of endangered animals in the region. The organisation encourages and promotes eco-tourism and aims at educating visitors about the surrounding environment.

2. The Hamilton Island Community - The wider community of Hamilton Island is committed to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability. Alongside recycling bins found all around the island, posters and information boards are posted around the island educating visitors about opportunities to reduce their environmental impact and get involved in conservation efforts.

Businesses in Hamilton Island have taken the initiative to create sustainable practices and be friendly towards the environment. From luxurious resorts and restaurants to environmentally friendly transportation, the island provides other services that promote environmental sustainability and conservation. These efforts increase education among customers about the importance of environmental sustainability and create a significant difference in preserving the environment. Let’s support responsible and sustainable businesses in Hamilton Island to protect the getaway for centuries to come.

Contact information:

- Qualia Resort, 20 Whitsunday Blvd, Hamilton Island QLD 4803, Australia
- Reef View Hotel, 12 Resort Dr, Hamilton Island QLD 4803, Australia
- Beach Club Restaurant, 9 Resort Dr, Hamilton Island QLD 4803, Australia
- Coca Chu Restaurant, 9 Resort Dr, Hamilton Island QLD 4803, Australia
- Cruise Whitsundays, Shop 1, 24 The Cove Rd, Port of Airlie, QLD, 4802, Australia
- Wildlife Hamilton Island, W. Retreat, Hamilton Island QLD 4803, Australia
- The Hamilton Island community, PO Box 813, Hamilton Island QLD 4803, Australia

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